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Contact Centers are often deemed “low-hanging” fruit for fraud. With the adoption of the EMV chip card, fraudster have shifted their focus to card not present (CNP) channels—and with personally identifiable information (PII) flowing throughout their networks, contact centers are prime targets. To dive deeper into the state of contact center data security, Semafone surveyed more than 500 global agents and customer service representatives (CSRs) across multiple industries.

The survey results revealed that contact center data security is in a dire state, largely due to the use of outdated, risky practices used to capture, process and store sensitive data. In fact, 72 percent of agents who collected payment data or other PII over the phone still require customers to read their information aloud - exposing sensitive data to the agent, call recordings, and even nearby eavesdroppers. Further, agents are experiencing and witnessing breach attempts by both company insiders and outsiders, yet 42 percent do not report the situation.

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  • Why current data transmission and contact center security practices are putting customer information at risk
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  • What regions and industries are most frequently experiencing breach attempts and exposing agents to sensitive data
  • What contact centers must do to secure their customers’ data and protect their brand reputations – Now!
  • Why descoping with dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) technologies, like Cardprotect from Semafone, secures data and dramatically reduces risk – they can’t hack the data you don’t hold!

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